Monday, June 2, 2008

The girls are back!

I had the biggest smile on my face when we walked out of the theater after seeing Sex and the City Saturday night. The girls are back and it was great! It doesn't matter to me at all what critics have said about this one. It lived up to the series, it lived up to my expectations, and I loved it completely.

We watched a few movies at home too this weekend.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead was disturbing, quirky, interesting and anytime Philip Seymour Hoffman is acting it's worth watching.

Sketches of Frank Gehry was a fascinating documentary, this from someone who avoids nonfiction of all kinds as much as possible. But the man is an artistic genius, and it was poignant to see Sydney Pollack with him, it seemed more like a conversation between friends (which they were, loved the Pollack interview on the DVD) than a portrait of one architect. And it made me want to live in a Gehry building. So you'll know where to find me when I win the lottery....

I also watched a silly little movie on HBO, Music and Lyrics, just something to occupy myself while folding laundry, but I am smitten by Hugh Grant and I don't care if he makes a fool of himself, he still looks great.

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