Saturday, May 31, 2008

Patrice made an appearance

Patrice is back in Florida for a short time. She's here to attend her son's wedding in Key West, and then to babysit for her grandson in Orlando, while the newlyweds honeymoon in Costa Rica.

The gracious Pat Benjamin had a simple but sophisticated luncheon the other day in her gorgeous Seminole Heights home so that a bunch of us could get to see Patrice all at once since her Tampa time is limited. It was wonderful to hear about Patrice's life in Macedonia, and also to hear from a bunch of women who have visited her there. She'll likely be extending her Peace Corps time there for a few months, perhaps through next Spring, so I can still dream about a visit.

The people, the house, the food, the art -- it's really refreshing to take a break like that in the middle of a work day.

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