Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Great Mexican Wedding Adventure -- Part 6

It wasn't all about the wedding, by the way. We were also all on vacation.
The roof deck at Casa Calderoni was a great place to hang out and we ended most nights sitting up there and talking. We spent some daylight hours up there as well.
Here are Jan, Susan and Steve.And Sarah & Andy.
We also went for walks, exploring and shopping.
Our next door neighbor.There is a lot of construction going on in San Miguel de Allende, mostly building of new homes for wealthy retiring Americans. But SMA is still pretty low tech. Here are some construction burros who were right in front of Casa Calderoni when we walked out one morning.There were numerous hikes around the town, which is very hilly and offers amazing views to those willing to climb the cobblestone streets to the top. Above are Paul and Paul in the back, Jan, Grant and Steve in the middle, Eleanor and Susan in the front.
Below are Whitney & Jesse.Sarah is always ready for a pose.
Helen and Mark and I came across a parade when we were walking around town.There's Mark videotaping the parade and Helen peeking out behind him.
I wonder if we will ever see the video....Sunday night was the final night for a lot of people. We went back to Nirvana for dinner with Marjorie & Jerry, Heather & Steve.We found Eleanor, Helen, Jan, and Paul having dinner at Nirvana too, though they were sitting outside.Monday morning lots of people left but some of us had one more day.
Susan and I went to a nearby market.
There were crafts for the tourists...and produce for the locals.
Mark and I took a final walk around town our last full day in SMA.There are lovers all over the place. It's a very romantic place. Our final night.
A great dinner with all those who were still there.
That included Jesse & Whitney, photographers extraordinaire.

Mark & I spent our last night at Casa Encantada with Jesse & Thom.

Our bags packed, farewell to Casa Encantada and San Miguel de Allende.

A week we'll never forget.

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