Thursday, May 28, 2009

The New Library

In just a couple of weeks we will begin the process of moving into a brand new building, the NEW North Tampa Library.  Right now it is empty, and very grand.  And the staff are getting excited!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our New Buddha

Dylan enjoys the statue we won at the Pesto Festo silent auction.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pesto Festo

We celebrated Pesto Festo, the annual end of the season fundraiser for Sweetwater, on May 2nd.  I hung out for a while with Kaiser and some friends by the creek.  I really enjoyed listening in as Kaiser and Chloe discussed the fact that the sounds of their names started the same way even though they had different first letters.  Early literacy skills at work!
Lorie was volunteering, she washed the greens for the salad, lots and lots and lots of fresh greens.  Then hung out with us and Judy and Billie for supper.
I participated in the first (and last?  or annual?) organic fashion show.  Here is one of my outfits; I bought the pants.
The food was great.  
So was the music.  Dance music courtesy of the Urban Gypsies, enjoyed by all, hula hoops or not.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Negrons Visit

Val and Tony came for a visit during their spring migration back north.  We had fun at Demen's Landing in St. Pete even though American Stage in the Park sucked this year.
We had a great time with Val and Tony,
and with the extremely lovable Toby.

Spring Break in Washington DC (the end)

We spent a rainy day at the
Newseum and even got to do some reporting!

We had a great time in DC, we always do.

Got to see some good theater at one of our old favorites, the Studio Theater and a new favorite, Wooly Mammoth.

Enjoyed massages and facials at a nearby yoga studio, Tranquil Space.

Spent a lot of time and, somehow, not a lot of money in a couple of great bookstores, the always fun Kramer's, and a good used bookstore, Second Story, across the street from one of our very favorite pizza places ever, Pizzeria Paradiso.

Till next visit....

Spring Break in Washington DC (part 6)

The new National Museum of the American Indian is fantastic, inside and out, (including the cafeteria).

Best of all, my mom came down from NY and her (and our) friend Sally from Baltimore, to spend the day at the museum with us.

Spring Break in Washington DC (part 5)

We couldn't get into Congress and we couldn't get into the White House either.  This is the best glimpse we could get.  No Obamas in sight.  But it was nice to know they were around.
We put miles on every day, walking into neighborhoods all over the place.  Really enjoyed the walk into Georgetown, crossing the creek, feels like a small town (though it gets upscale, chain store, and touristy pretty fast) and we had a wonderful crepe brunch here.

Spring Break in Washington DC (part 4)

Here he is. Always an emotional moment, first seeing the man as you climb the steps. The Korean War monument is pretty stunning too.
Of course there are other kinds of statues in Washington as well.  
I love the sculpture garden at the Hirshhorn.

Spring Break in Washington DC (part 3)

We love the monuments in Washington and had a new one to check out this trip -- the WWII Memorial.  Boring.  The best thing about it is the views from it.  These are two of them.
The FDR Memorial is my favorite.  Almost.  I cannot get over my love of the Lincoln.  But this one is large and beautiful and complex, tells a great story of many years and many people.

Spring Break in Washington DC (part 2)

Lots of stuff was on break since it was, after all, the week before Easter. So we didn't get to see Congress in session as we had hoped. But it was Cherry Blossom time and so we walked from the hotel, through the mall, to the Tidal Basin, and the festival.

Spring Break in Washington DC (part 1)

We spent Mark's spring break in April in Washington D.C. Just to be in a city with good vibes, great art and culture in general, a walking city, a city where you happen upon interesting things all the time. We used the metro sometimes but walked and walked and walked. We stayed, this time, in the Topaz Hotel, right next door to our old favorite, The Tabard Inn. It's a Kimpton Hotel and we wanted to rack up some membership points, plus I wanted to check out the yoga inspired hotel. Indeed, we got bags with mats and props and there's a yoga channel on the TV 24 hours a day. Good class, but same class, all the time.
We were around the corner from the National Geographic building which has a great garden in front, loaded with bird feeders and insect sculptures.
We liked our quiet and pretty street. This is the view from our room.
We were just a couple of blocks from Dupont Circle so we headed right out when we arrived to see what was going on. Saturday in the city. And there was some sort of pillow event at the Circle.
Later on we investigated all the nice touches in our room, including the traditional Kimpton animal print robes, the Aveda products in the bathrooms, and the NY Times and Washington Post at our door every morning. Had to walk 1/2 a block to get to a Starbucks though.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Mom Visited this Winter!

My mother does not like Florida.  So even though it was not a great winter in NY, it was tough to convince her to come down here.  She finally arrived in February for a few days of theater, spa, cuddling with the boys and Daisy, trying to pretend the birds aren't around, and playing Wii Sports.  And hanging with Mark and me.
Come back soon, Mom!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goodbye to two good men

Two special men left the world yesterday. I didn't know either of them, but I do know their children and so I know the world is less without them.
Michael Jenkins was the father of David Jenkins, the incredible moving force behind Jobsite Theater. David is so full of creativity, intelligence and energy, and love of his animals, friends, theater and music, that I know his father must have been someone pretty special too.

Dean Damon is another man I never met. The father of Haverly, one of my daughter's best friends and longtime roommate, I know a bit more about him. I know he was kind and generous, helping Jesse through those tricky years, flying her out to visit him along with Haverly, never forgetting her at gift giving times, making her a part of his wonderful family. I've followed Dean's failing health by reading his blog and sometimes communicating with Haverly, and I knew he would be leaving soon, but his passing hit me hard when I read about it this morning.
Dean participated in the raising of a beautiful and strong daughter; Haverly's a truly amazing person and a great friend, and I have Haverly, Bill, Linda, Frazier in my heart and mind today. And a promise to always give Haverly the kind of lovingkindness Dean always had for Jesse.