Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goodbye to two good men

Two special men left the world yesterday. I didn't know either of them, but I do know their children and so I know the world is less without them.
Michael Jenkins was the father of David Jenkins, the incredible moving force behind Jobsite Theater. David is so full of creativity, intelligence and energy, and love of his animals, friends, theater and music, that I know his father must have been someone pretty special too.

Dean Damon is another man I never met. The father of Haverly, one of my daughter's best friends and longtime roommate, I know a bit more about him. I know he was kind and generous, helping Jesse through those tricky years, flying her out to visit him along with Haverly, never forgetting her at gift giving times, making her a part of his wonderful family. I've followed Dean's failing health by reading his blog and sometimes communicating with Haverly, and I knew he would be leaving soon, but his passing hit me hard when I read about it this morning.
Dean participated in the raising of a beautiful and strong daughter; Haverly's a truly amazing person and a great friend, and I have Haverly, Bill, Linda, Frazier in my heart and mind today. And a promise to always give Haverly the kind of lovingkindness Dean always had for Jesse.

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