Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pesto Festo

We celebrated Pesto Festo, the annual end of the season fundraiser for Sweetwater, on May 2nd.  I hung out for a while with Kaiser and some friends by the creek.  I really enjoyed listening in as Kaiser and Chloe discussed the fact that the sounds of their names started the same way even though they had different first letters.  Early literacy skills at work!
Lorie was volunteering, she washed the greens for the salad, lots and lots and lots of fresh greens.  Then hung out with us and Judy and Billie for supper.
I participated in the first (and last?  or annual?) organic fashion show.  Here is one of my outfits; I bought the pants.
The food was great.  
So was the music.  Dance music courtesy of the Urban Gypsies, enjoyed by all, hula hoops or not.

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barbaras said...

You look so thin!