Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

I rarely like kids' movies, but if this one is anywhere near as good as this trailer I think I am going to love it. 

Spike, you bowl me over every time.

The Number Zero, Brought To You By The Party Of N-O

Proud to be a dues paying member of the party with a sense of humor, and brains, too.

The Lieutenant of Inishmore

Blood, gore, and dead cats.  Not my things at all.   
Darkest of black comedy.  Now you're talking.  
Awesome acting, Irish accents so authentic I couldn't understand some of it but I sure got the gist, and damn good very violent special effects.  
Gotta admit I had an issue with the dead cats but they were not quite real enough to truly offend and the brilliant Jobsite crew balanced it out with a photo exhibit of their own beloved cats.  
Do Not Miss This One if you are in Tampa.  Jobsite gets better every single time. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A St. Pete Weekend

This past weekend we spent both Saturday and Sunday evening in St. Petersburg, eating, and then going to concerts at The Palladium.
Saturday night we ate at the Old Northeast Tavern, yummy food and drink with Anne & Greg, and then went to hear Richard Thompson.  Great music from an almost 60 sexy guy.Sunday evening was an earlier show so we headed into St. Pete early enough to enjoy an outdoor dinner in the daylight on 3rd Street N. where there are lots of tables out on the street and lots of good food and drink choices. We got some burritos at Burrito Boarder and sat outside The Independent enjoying great beer, weather, and some interesting street life.Lots of dogs were hanging with their people and some became friends.

We walked back up 3rd St. to the Palladium. After the opening act, Rebekah Pulley, we stepped outside for some air and to sip the lattes we had previously left in the car for our intermission treat, and lucked out. Intermission turned out to be timed just right to see the shuttle launch!
Back inside for a thoroughly entertaining Loudon Wainwright III. Loudon mentioned that he'd heard Richard Thompson had been there the night before, and that the two of them are good friends. In fact, he said, they are planning to tour together next fall and they are calling the tour Loud and Rich. Or Rich and Loud. Either way, I hope they stop at a city I can get to, love listening to both these guys.