Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Great Mexican Wedding Adventure - Part 1

Jesse, Thom & their dog Jasper arrived in Tampa Saturday afternoon, March 29th, and before long we were downtown at The Fly with Jen & Leigh for good food and drinks, and fun. In just a couple of days Jen & Leigh would take on a daunting task, taking two of our dogs (Dylan & Marley) along with Jasper, for a week. Asking their dogs, Gretchen & Strudel, to put up with three poodle boys. Maybe a few drinks at The Fly isn't enough....Three days, many beers, some good meals (especially at Ceviche in it's new South Tampa location) a play (Hamlet, at American Stage), and a couple of mani/pedis (for Jesse & Thom) later, and after delivering the poodles to Jen & Leigh, and also our big girl, Daisy, to the Nichter family, we headed for the airport before dawn cracked, and headed to Houston, with a LOT of luggage. In Houston we met up with our friends Val & Tony, and with Jesse & Thom's friend, Tung, and then got on a small plane to Leon, Mexico.A plane ride, a car ride, and finally, we arrived in San Miguel de Allende. We checked into our room at Casa Calderoni, the Picasso. Then we headed out, to begin exploring the town, and to have something to eat, good cheap Mexican food at a cute cafe called Ten Ten Pie. We began to understand how hot the Mexican sun can be.
After our late lunch, we headed to Casa Encantada, the amazing place Jesse & Thom rented for the week, and began assembling gift bags for guests and frantically worked on all the stuff that had to be done.
Hot and exhausted, Mark and I headed back to our B&B, to rest. The next day many of the guests would begin arriving. Luckily, we had already found The Spa....

Sunday, April 13, 2008


We have had an amazing few weeks -- getting ready for the destination wedding of Jesse & Thom, traveling to San Miguel de Allende, working to get every little detail done, or at least helping when we could, welcoming many friends and family to this artsy historical little town in the mountains in the middle of Mexico, partying for days, getting massages, unwinding on the rooftop at night with friends, spending time with the exuberant newlyweds, and finally, a chance to relax at home for a couple of days. Tomorrow it is back to work, to yoga, to regular life. And I'll find some time to blog the details and share some photos.

But here's one...

Courtesy of the amazing Jesse & Whitney -- Our Labor of Love and Thomoli.