Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Great Mexican Wedding Adventure -- Part 4

Friday after another communal breakfast at Casa Calderoni, the group split up. Some people went to a soccer game at a country club where Thom had reserved a field. Those who played appeared to get a good work out, but I didn't go to watch so you'd have to look elsewhere for coverage of that event. Now if Mark would ever post his photos....
Anyway, others wandered the town but I went back to Aurora with some people. We stopped for a snack at the cafe there. That's Susan, Barbara, Sarah and Paul there.
Back at Casa Calderoni, Helen was ready for another party.
Mark & I, and Steve (who was to perform the ceremony) headed over to Casa Encantada for a wedding rehearsal, then we hung out there for a while until it was time to go around the corner to the Instituto Allende.
This was a gorgeous locale for the rehearsal dinner and Jesse & Thom did an amazing job planning this event, complete with karoke, fabulous food and drink, and great design.Very long time friends -- Barbara, Susan & Susan.Two Berkshire babes in black, Susan & Marjorie.
Jerry, Heather, Steve.
Jesse chats with Abby & Tony.
Sarah, Steve, Barbara, Grant.

After the party, some of us were not ready to go to bed, so we headed over to Mama Mia's to hear Pilaseca, the funk rock soul band that would play the late night part of the wedding the next night.

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