Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pretty Runs Out

She's different in person.
Last night we listened to Pretty Runs Out, the new Amanda Shaw album we picked up at Tropical Heatwave last week. It's a lot of country pop and a little of her great fiddling.
In person she was wild, playing her fiddle with incredible energy and joy, flying around the stage. Backed up by the wonderful, middle-aged Cute Boys (did I mention Amanda is only 17?) the music was exhilerating, impossible to stay still while listening.
She sang a few songs, including the title song of the new album. But mostly she played.
The album is mostly Amanda singing. She has a good voice, it's just very much pop and a lot less interesting than her playing. Oh well, maybe we'll donate it to the end of the year record and book sale at WMNF.

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