Monday, May 5, 2008

The Great Mexican Wedding Adventure -- Part 2

We woke in our lovely room in our lovely B&B, had breakfast with Ben Calderoni, and felt like we were ready to begin vacation. Tony & Val & Mark and I took a taxi to climb to a hotel high up in the town, delivering some of the gift bags, then we headed over to Aurora, an old factory that has been converted to a beautiful maze of art galleries, artist studios, and restaurants.
We walked through town to The Spa where we had amazing massages and facials in a couples room, for less than the price of a massage alone at home. Stopped for some 2 for 1 martinis on the way back, and returned to Casa Calderoni to find it filling up with friends!

We decided to split up for dinner that night, the "adults" and the "young people", but much to our surprise, we all ended up in a room at Nirvana for a great evening.

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