Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm not linked to the work blog anymore!

I know he is not quite as ignorant as Bush, but then again, who could be? Well, I guess maybe those who voted for him, especially a second time.
But McCain gives me the creeps.
And so even though I like this bumper sticker I just got in the mail from MoveOn, I don't think I'll be putting anything with the hypocritical old man's name on my car. Too icky.
So here's a bumper sticker, up for grabs. Just be the first to comment below that you want it and I see that you have a shiny new sticker for your Obama Yes We Can car!
And speaking of MoveOn, I'm happy to see they are now joining forces with Emily's List, the other organization working for progressive politics that I consider donation-worthy on a regular basis.

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