Friday, June 27, 2008

Cascades, Sing the City Energetic

Summer is so not my favorite season in NY, even though it is normally when we go since we are stuck with the school schedule, and will be for the next four years, until Mark retires. (Wow, did I really say that? Four years doesn't sound like that much!)
Anyway, spring and fall are absolutely the best in NY. Winter can suck but only if it goes on and on and that doesn't always happen. And though there was a time that I hated winter in NY most of all, that was when I was forced out into a cold and crowded commute day after day after day after day....
That won't be the case when we are retired in NY. Imagine, for example, whiling away the day in a museum with a great show or old favorites and a good coat checkroom, a good cafe, and comfy chairs where you can sit and read a while when you get tired. There are so many that fit that bill in NY.
Or relaxing in our cozy apartment, taking a walk and wandering in and out of warm shops, stopping for something hot to eat, heading to the theater to spend an evening engrossed in a wonderful story.
Yeah, winter won't be too bad I think.
Anyway, so, my point is that we are going to NY this summer and it's likely going to be hot and smelly and none of the options of where we can stay has central air like we are used to and it's like a filthy sauna in the subways.
But now, this summer, there are waterfalls and I just cannot wait.
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Abby C. said...

I LOVE winter in NY, especially around Christmas. That's when city energy peaks to a really high level, and you can get a buzz just being out in Central Park, or on the avenues. Walking in NY has always been a great "all-by-yourself" activity. But, in winter it is not hot and not sweaty. New York meanderings holds a warm cozy place in my heart. Thank you Susan for reminding me.