Saturday, June 28, 2008

Do you listen?

WMNF is the greatest little community radio station on the planet. No exaggeration. It's what makes it bearable to live in a reactionary little city.
The radio station just completed their summer mini-thon, trying to raise money to make it through the fiscal year. But times are tough and this time raising funds has been a struggle.

If you don't live in the area you can still listen online and you will surely find a show you will like. My favorites, besides the wonderful Morning Show with great music (check out the playlists) every weekday morning from 6-9 am, are -- Talk to the Animals, Art in Your Ear, The 60's Show, Fresh Air, Democracy Now, Alternative Health, Sustainable Living, CounterSpin. They also do great news and local call in shows every weekday. Lots of the shows are available by podcast.

We turned most of our tax incentive check over to WMNF, and in return got a pass that will get both of us into every concert, film, event for a year. And helped this community resource keep going till the next drive. That's right, WMNF is community supported, no government dollars come their way. And they take no corporate sponsorship or anything like that.

It's not too late to contribute if you didn't get around to it during this short fundraising drive.


Abby C. said...


I totally agree with you, especially about the reactionary little city. I contribute to WMNF by having them take money out of my paycheck. I also donate to WUSF, but they annoy me a lot of the time, and I'm thinking of taking the money I donate to them and just giving to WMNF.

Susan O said...

Hooray for Abby, a member of the Circle of Friends!

Anonymous said...

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