Thursday, September 11, 2008


All week I have been having very unusual dreams about Willy. Last night's was so vivid. We were visiting a friend and Willy was there and I suddenly realized we had left him there, given him to her, and now I wanted him back. Interesting because, of course, that's exactly how we got Willy. A friend left him with us, but then never did want him back, so we got to keep him for 14 years. When I woke up it was all I could do to not get in the car and go get him. I felt so strongly that he was there.
But then I realized that he's been in my dreams all this week because he died one year ago Saturday. The missing him hasn't gotten any less yet. And I have been longing for a cat, but trying hard to resist. Realized recently that I have not used my inhaler for a year. Still, one of these days....

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Abby C. said...

I totally understand. I still miss Dooley all the time, and when I remember a particular mannerism or his little furry body next to me in bed, I get the searing pain of the loss all over again.