Monday, September 22, 2008

The Doors

I'm off today, because I worked Saturday at a literacy symposium, part of next weekend's literary festival, Deep Carnivale.
But also because we are having another door installed today. 
We are doing a few home upgrades, we had a couple of windows replaced, and now we are replacing all of our exterior doors.  So a few weeks ago the one from the garage into the house was installed, then this one on the right from the kitchen out to the pool.  It's got a nice glass insert but Mark and I both keep thinking the door was left open; I  guess we will get used to it eventually.

Today the front door is being installed.  I'm really loving the Frank Lloyd Wrightish glass.  It lets in the light but doesn't let you really see in, so no worries about walking by the front door without clothes on.
Later this afternoon the door from the garage to the side yard will be installed.  Then we have to order the fifth external door, the pool bath, because we totally forgot about that one, so it will be a few more weeks. 
None of the hardware we picked out has arrived (the guys are installing the old hardware or loaner hardware if need be) and nothing's been stained yet.   But still, isn't it  so pretty?
Next project -- the cracked concrete driveway gets replaced with gray pavers and the disintegrating wood retaining wall in the front gets replaced with matching gray "stone".  
The front is going to look so nice but this is all so expensive, and long will I be able to go without repainting the house and replacing the garage door so it all matches?


barbara said...

I love the front door!!!

ptk said...

Love the door, hope the hardware shows up soon.
Daisy is looking as young as last we saw her!

How great that you not only got to hear Hillary speak but have the pix to prove it.

Susan O said...

I'll post photos when the door has hardware and is stained. And sits in front of the new driveway!
Daisy says thanks, she'll be 11 next week and does look great though she's very stiff a lot of the time.