Monday, September 8, 2008

Hillary brings Change We Can Believe In!

Mark and I were so excited that we got tickets to see Hillary speak in Tampa this evening.  
Loads of people lined up and waited in the heat at a county gymnasium to see Hillary.
That's my friend Darlene; she's been working hard for the Obama campaign for a long time now.
We couldn't believe our luck when we were chosen to sit on the stage behind Hillary.  Yes, we saw her back through the whole speech, but we were so close!
She spoke about the economy, but also health care, education and the environment.  And how badly the Republicans have messed up every single thing.  And how frightening it would be if they had four more years to destroy this country.  And how important it is for all of us to talk to people who haven't made up their minds yet, to get them to support the intelligent and progressive leadership we will have with Obama/Biden.
After she spoke she shook our hands!  It was truly thrilling, Bruce Springsteen singing The Rising in the background, I was so happy.
And so was the entire crowd.  

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