Sunday, September 28, 2008

A stay at home weekend

We did nothing this weekend even though we had plans -- a literary festival, a play, a meditation class, dinner with friends.  All went by the wayside because Mark and I were both under the weather.  Colds, and feeling crappy.  So we exchanged our theater tickets and dropped out of everything else.  And did nothing.
We did watch the debate Friday evening and we both thought Obama did us proud.
We did watch a movie Saturday evening, Lars and the Real Girl, which was sweet and strange, and enjoyable.
And we did get the fifth new door installed and most of the new hardware too.  There's the new front door handle.  It's really my third choice as the first two I selected seemed to be completely unavailable in any way.  But this is fine.
All the doors and the new frames need staining and painting but we'll hold off on that until after the driveway/retaining wall/front entrace step project is done.  If things go well that will be  a week from now.
We'll see.
But in the meantime, Dexter and Californication start new seasons tonight so, while my head still feels like it's in a vise, I'm kind of happy for a Sunday night.

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