Thursday, January 15, 2009

He's Leaving, Really.

Gail Collins had a good Op Ed piece in the New York Times today  on Bush's farewell address.  I did not watch it, partly because these last eight years are something I would rather not even think about anymore.

"History does suggest that Bush performs best in venues like this one, in which he has a long lead time and virtually no actual role in preparing the words he is about to say. But still, what could he possibly tell the country that would change anybody’s opinion about the last eight years?

'My fellow Americans, before I leave you next week I want you to know that ...

A) 'Although things have gone very wrong, I take comfort in the realization that Dick Cheney was actually in control from the get-go. Honest, I never even knew half the people in the cabinet.'

B) 'Laura and I have come to realize that all things considered, retirement to a mansion in Texas is just totally inappropriate. And so we take our leave to begin a new life as missionaries at a small rescue station in the Gobi desert ...'

C) 'Surprise! This has all actually been a bad dream. It’s really still November of 2000 and tomorrow Al Gore is going to be elected president.'

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