Sunday, January 18, 2009

Belated Happy New Year!

Barbara & Steve came from Atlanta for New Year's Eve. They brought along Chaos, Sarah's dog (Sarah welcomed the New Year in San Francisco) and Barbara's cousin Meryl drove up from South Florida where she's renting a house for a couple of cold months. When they got here, our previous guest, Sarah (the dog) Nichter, was still here so for a few hours we were a five dog house. The big dogs really had some fun together in the backyard.When Sarah left we all settled down for a few hours of talk, relaxation, etc.Later we headed over to Skipper's for some greasy food and music of 1968 played by local bands of questionable talent. The crowd was hopping at the WMNF party, but just before midnight we decided to head home and drink our champagne with the dogs.The next morning we discovered how hard it can be to get four dogs to do the same thing at the same time, even for food.We all read the paper and had a good breakfast. Some napped at the table.The weather was gorgeous for January and so we spent much of the time around the house, enjoying the backyard. Dylan showed Steve how you are really supposed to use the hammock.

We did get out a bit and had a good time at the aquarium, followed by yummy dessert crepes in Ybor City.

But mostly we relaxed, at home, all together.

And took lots of walks with dogs.
It was a great time, as always. And when all the dog company left we gave our dogs their holiday gifts. Marley loves his new elephant.

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barbara said...

For some reason, the photos aren't loading on Safari, but I was able to see them when I went to Firefox. Hmm.. Anyway, looked like fun:).. Thanks for having us!