Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In Ptown

Our drive from NY to Ptown was not only long and hard, but also included an encounter with a big pickup truck in the middle. Right after crossing the Bourne Bridge, we entered one of the many roundabouts that seem to have no rules or lanes, just lots of confused drivers. One of them saw her exit and didn't see me. So our peaceful week in Ptown started with an accident that created stress, pain and expense.
But, eventually, we made it to the tip of the Cape and to Four Gables. This year we stayed in the wonderful contemporary apartment called Hollyhocks. So comfortable and nicely decorated and stocked, French doors and access to the outdoors from every room, we had everything we needed to feel a little spoiled and a lot at home. One of my favorite things about Four Gables is how green it is. They provide the motivation and means to recycle just about everything, and compost too.
You can see more photos of the place on the website, but here are some of the things we loved about the place.
A great deck for relaxing and reading.
The dogs loved the fenced common yard that is filled with artsy touches and beautiful plants. We loved being able to open the doors to the deck and letting them out first thing in the morning.The dogs loved the inside of the apartment as much as the outside; so did we.The west side of Provincetown, where we stayed, is very much New England and we enjoyed the short walk to town.We also visited Val, Tony and their new dog, Toby, in their little cottage at the far east end of Ptown.
Toby is a friendly, sweet, and very handsome boy.

We all wandered the town,
and Dylan tried to convince us to buy him a stroller so he could ride everywhere. Marley said he'd consider riding in it too from time to time. Maybe someday.
We met Val, Tony, and their friends Ron & Buzz, for breakfast with a view one morning.We did a lot less than usual in Ptown this year. The weather wasn't great all that often and we had to contend with my arm pain which involved wasting lots of time at a medical clinic and some alternative treatments. But we did see a couple of plays in Provincetown and in Wellfleet, visited both Wellfleet, which is really a nice town we'd consider staying in sometime, and Orleans, and got a lot of sleep and reading in.
Then, after a solid two days of intense but uneventful driving, we made it back home. We are all so happy to be home after this very long vacation. Daisy was thrilled to rejoin the family.

Thanks to everyone, in Tampa and Hillsdale, Brooklyn, Provincetown, who made this vacation great for us.

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Lorie said...

I can't get over how happy Dylan and Marley look! I like the one of Dylan inside where it looks like he's sleeping sitting up peacefully w/a cute smile on his face.