Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eight Strikes and You're Out

"Without taxing fossil fuels so they become more expensive and giving subsidies to renewable fuels so they become more competitive — and changing regulations so more people and companies have an interest in energy efficiency — we will not get innovation in clean power at the scale we need.
That is what this election should be focusing on. Everything else is just bogus rhetoric designed by cynical candidates who think Americans are so stupid — so bloody stupid — that if you just show them wind turbines in your Olympics ad they’ll actually think you showed up and voted for such renewable power — when you didn’t."

From Thomas Friedman's excellent Op-Ed piece in today's New York Times.


monadelmar said...

Susan -- Did you ever read this "Manifesto" to the next president that Robert Kennedy Jr. wrote in Vanity Fair?

So many areas and possibilities in alternative energies that we just aren't exploring!

We need to embrace technologies that have proven successful in other countries instead of our constant assumption that the U.S. does everything the best way.

Susan O said...

Not yet, but I will now, thanks. I did hear RFK Jr. speak once, very inspirational.