Friday, August 1, 2008

Hot Town, Summer in the City

We made it to Brooklyn only hours after Jesse & Thom returned from their Portland Oregon excursion. After a brief and stormy visit to Brooklyn Flea, Jesse & Thom, Helen, Mark and I hopped a few Bklyn bars.Then we settled in for some amazingly crispy and delicious pizza, and this huge calzone, at Lucali.
The next day Mark and I met Jesse for lunch in Soho near her new job. And watched her walk back to the office before heading down to the lower east side for a bit of shopping.
Uptown the next day Mark and I headed to the roof of
the Met to see the Jeff Koons balloon sculptures.Love how New Yorkers enjoy their parks. Central Park is spectacular. Prospect Park is nice too, and we enjoyed a picnic by the lake one day.
Prospect Park is pretty trashy though, so Mark did his bit to clean up the environment.
Another day we went to MoMA to see Home Delivery, interesting show about prefabs.
There was a great little show of Picasso sculpture at MoMA too.

The boys really enjoyed hanging with Helen while Mark and I ran around. Our last night in the city, Mark and I met up with Jesse and Thom for dinner at La Paloma in the Village for some good Mexican food.

We ended up back in Brooklyn at
Beer Table.

Fun time, but there's more. Next up: the hot tickets we managed to fit in to the trip before heading northeast to a cooler climate.

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