Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful for Our Friends & Family -- Days 1 & 2

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Atlanta once again, with great friends & family. We drove up to Barbara & Steve's house on Wednesday, Sarah & Andy flew in early Wednesday from San Francisco, Ariana flew in Wednesday morning from Austin, Jesse, Thom & Jasper flew in from New York. Krin drove up from Gainesville later in the day and we all met, with Barbara & Steve, and Grant, at a great Italian restaurant in the city for Thanksgiving eve dinner.

Thanksgiving day, at the Schindlers started with breakfast, good Atlanta bagels and fresh fruit salad. After that, some people went on a hike, a couple practiced yoga, some prepared for dinner.

By late afternoon we were joined by Joanna, and also her sister, Rebecca, Rebecca's husband Andy and their new baby Anna, and Steve's aunt Lillian.




and Sarah,

almost time for dinner.

We've been taking group photos in this same spot for many years.

Right up front are Charlie, Rebecca & Andy's old bassett, and Baxter, Joanna & Grant's young bassett.

You can find three Oliver poodles, Dylan (with Mark), Marley (with me), Jasper (with Jesse).

Dinner was collaborative and delicious, and afterwards we all relaxed in the cozy, sleep inducing family room, until we ate again...and again.

Thanks to Barbara for some of the photos.

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