Sunday, November 11, 2007

Super New York Weekend -- Day Four

On Sunday, we had another celebration, Helen's birthday brunch at Artisanal. Jesse and Thom gave Helen art for her birthday too, a beautiful picture of the Brooklyn Bridge embroidered with one piece of black thread.

This was NOT followed by great theater as planned (the stagehands strike started the previous morning and shut down Broadway), but by an afternoon of wandering the magnificent Central Park and then warming up with cold beers at Dive 75, a neighborhood bar near the park.

Wonderful friends and family, wonderful city. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us in celebration -- Barbara, Steve, Judy, Billie, Jesse, Thom, Helen, Eleanor, Susan, Paul, Jerry, Marjorie, Val, Tony, Meryl, Alec, Susan, Heather, Steve, Matthew, Melissa. And thanks to Barbara & Steve for some of the photos.

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