Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Reading and Listening

After Lillian watched the slaughter of her family in Russia she made her way to New York City and began to make a life for herself. When a cousin finds her way to NY as well, and tells Lillian that her little daughter Sophie may have survived, Lillian is determined to find her way to Siberia where Sophie is rumored to have been taken, even if she has to walk. Amy Bloom writes unusual characters, quirky and complex. Lillian's journey, and those of the people who become a part of it, is wrenching and rewarding.
Away, by Amy Bloom.

Lorie Tonti loaned me her copy of
Yell Fire! by Michael Franti & Spearhead the day before 6 cds I'd ordered arrived. I haven't listened to one of my new ones because I cannot take Yell Fire out of my car! It's different from anything I have listened to before and it is topical and danceable and wonderful. Thanks Lorie!

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Lorie Tonti said...

Glad you enjoyed it :) Your trip to NY looks fabulous!