Sunday, February 10, 2008

Deserving dogs

Recently Jen and Leigh gave our dogs each a toy that is shaped like a football but it's rubber and very open net kind of design. You can put treats in and they need to work a bit to get them out. Even Dylan, who normally disdains toys, is enjoying his (due to the treat aspect, of course), and amazingly Daisy has not yet destroyed any of them. Most interesting, as always happens when we give the same toy in different sizes to Daisy (70 plus pounds) and Marley (a steady 14), Daisy loves the tiny toy, Marley loves the big one.

Daisy's new bed just arrived yesterday. I ordered her another bed from Earthdog. They make wonderful stuff for dogs from hemp, we have their beds, collars, harnesses and leashes. One of Daisy's quirks is that she has destroyed bed after bed after bed. Mark has built beds, we have bought expensive, cheap, every different shape and material and she has quickly destroyed all of them. We have no idea why since she clearly loves laying on her beds. I tried a crib mattress which she did not destroy but clearly found uncomfortable -- she was too heavy for the cheap springs. Then we found Earthdog. They make the pillows out of recycled cotton and it washes lumpy but just fine and evens out when they lay on it. The cover is hemp and it washes beautifully. They all love the beds and Daisy has thus far not even gnawed on a corner. She's had her bed for over a year now. So I ordered her another so she would have one in the bedroom as well as the living room. I hoped she would love it enough to sleep on it at night.

She loves it. But she still got in bed with us last night.

So did Marley. He feels the chill and can't wait for us to get under the covers.

Those orange and blue pillows you see on the bed are the Earthdog beds that belong to Dylan and Marley. Mark and I like to use them as back pillows when reading in bed, they are supportive and comfy. Here's what's even greater about Earthdog -- they actively support fostering and rescuing dogs. You can see pictures on their site of the many dogs they have adopted and named their designs after, and other dogs who are available for rescuing. I love a do good company that sells good stuff.

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