Thursday, February 7, 2008

Beautiful and Brilliant

It sometimes may seem like we have just two adorable little poodles living with us, Dylan and Marley, our Poodle Rescue boys. But I want to call attention to my big and smart and pretty girl, Daisy, who has mastered the English language like no dog I have ever known. And who loves to pretend that she just can't see those little poodle boys. And those tiny toys just must be hers, who else could possibly want them. And who still can jump on the bed every night, even with her plastic tendons. She's ten now, but I still remember the day our vet, who had come to my library for a Pet Week program, told me that she had been holding onto a dog that had been found wandering in a supermarket parking lot on a dark rainy night for two months because she knew that this dog belonged in our family. Our precious Patty dog had died the day before Daisy was found, and the vet knew we wouldn't be ready to hear it. So she waited the two months, and then two more when I said no. And then I said yes.
And, while I don't think of myself as much of a birdgirl, these are my children too (though they are really more Mark's kids). Halle is our very noisy African Grey. We are her fourth family, and I would like to say we are her forever family, as I do with all our other animals, but she will likely outlive us.
Jules is the cockatiel who flew into our lives while we were sitting in a park in St. Pete waiting for a play to begin.

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Barbara said...

What a great photo of Daisy!