Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Traveling to Ptown

Sat. July 21st, after a long and very peaceful plane trip, we arrived in Boston with dogs in cases, took the airport shuttle to the airport pier and took a water taxi to the ferry. As we discovered on our last visit to Ptown, Dylan loves boats! Marley watched and learned.

We had hours to wait until it was time for the ferry, so we walked around Boston, dogs did so well on crowded streets like Faneuil Hall, and on quiet ones downtown like Oliver Street.

Back at the ferry, got a good spot on line as people anxiously awaited the beginnings of vacations. Dylan was a social guy on line, so when the ramp was put out, no one minded when he pulled to be first to step on board! Bye, Boston.

And hello Provincetown, so glad to be back.


Barbara said...

I love your hair! How come these photos won't open up larger, but the ones you posted in P-Town do??

Susan said...

I think it might be that I used Picasa to grab the photos the first time but then have been just getting them off my hard drive. Not sure, the computer seems to get used to what I'm doing and the pictures pop right up.