Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Peace in Provincetown

After a long day's journey to the tip of the Cape (car, plane, bus, water taxi, ferry) during which our perfect little poos uttered nary a complaint (aren't drugs grand) even during the two hours we wandered downtown Boston between taxi and ferry, we arrived at the place we have fallen in love with again and again. This time we are staying on the quaint and quiet west end of town, a few blocks from the main drag, in an amazingly dog friendly compound of cottages, houses, apartments, called Four Gables. Our cottage is Daisy Mae, an homage I chose to the big dog left behind.

It has a front porch looking out on a small shaded yard with a
pond where dogs can congregate; our dogs also visit
our neighbors on their porches. The porch is also
a great place to read and Mark's been making his way through
Harry Potter while I have been continuing my study of 16th century English history after the first season of The Tudors by reading The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. Our place is also well equipped with a flat screen hdtv and a nice stereo system we have used for our yoga and meditation dvd/cds.

The cottage also has a private little side patio where we can have some breakfast or whatever and there is all kinds of interesting artsy stuff scattered throughout the property and in our cottage. It's the best place we have found to stay here in Ptown and I can definitely see coming back to this one. The guys next door are here for the summer and when we are retired I'd like to do the same, a month at least. Everyone has dogs and everyone is friendly (even though we are the only "mixed sex couple" here). We even stopped in to a wedding party for a couple of guys who had recently gotten married.

It's just a short walk into town for a cup of Joe, though we have
stocked our tiny kitchen with stuff for breakfast and snacks.
Dogs are welcome almost everywhere in town and ours get lots of
attention; they are incredibly cute after all. There is good shopping (Marc by Marc Jacobs has opened since our last visit!) and lots of galleries to oogle art. And is this the only place in
the country that has no sign of HP7 in the bookstores or the
library? (At least Mark is not the only one; one of the guys next
door is reading it too.)

Today is Val's birthday and so we will go over to their place this afternoon to hang out on the beach near them, have a birthday party, and, well, relax some more. Tonight we are going to the theater to see a short and little performed Tennessee Williams play that he wrote here in Ptown about Ptown, Parade. Then to a nice dinner at one of the many fabulous restaurants here.
That's what Ptown is all about, beach, reading, relaxing, shopping, eating. That's what I call a good vacation.

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