Saturday, November 8, 2008

Here's to Obama! And Kevin & Phyllis! And us!

Last night we had a victory party! It was so great to be able to celebrate after years of nothing going right politically, in our country and in our county. But not only did we have President Elect Obama to celebrate, we had a couple of important victories in Hillsborough County as well. We actually ousted a right wing born again wrestler from our county commission and replaced him with a bright, young, progressive, cute, gay guy, Kevin Beckner! And good riddance to Buddy Johnson, our Supervisor of Elections who was nobody's buddy. Welcome Phyllis Busansky, long time local Democrat, great to see her back in office!Lots of people stopped by to celebrate, library, school, sailing friends, even a neighbor stopped by -- she saw our party decorations outside and said, hey, it's my celebration too! The biggest surprise was a big McCain supporter, Mark's sailing captain, who said he was in mourning but showed up anyway.
We raised glasses to toast a new direction, a new future, and positive change in our country, in our county, and in the new blue state we all are relieved to be able to say we live in without shame.
All the dogs had a great time, they were so social and really well behaved. But they are exhausted today; we are pretty tired too. And still basking in the glow of this best election ever.

Check out Abby's photos from the party right here.

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Sheldon said...

On behalf of the Phyllis Busansky Campaign, thank you for your most positive comments!