Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Marley and America!

Marley turned four yesterday. He's the only one of our animals whose birthday we know. We celebrate the birthday of everyone else on October 1st each year. The dogs enjoyed special cupcakes from a doggie bakery while the humans enjoyed a sandwich and beer assortment. Oh, and cannolis that weren't from Little Italy but weren't bad at all.
Lorie and Kaiser had fun in the pool. Daisy did too, she swam so much she can hardly move today. She also killed one of the pool toys Kaiser brought over. Kaiser recently had a birthday too, he is now five and he can really swim!
My own birthday was a couple of months ago and Abby gave me this cool Zen Garden. Kaiser and I had fun putting it all together.
Jen and Leigh came to celebrate and relax too and brought Gretchen along. Gretchen approved of the cupcakes. She also enjoyed the drive in the back of Jen's brand new gorgeous gray Mini Cooper. And the humans thought it was a pretty fabulous little car too. We all want one.


Anonymous said...

I am confused. Who is who? Is the person in the pic Jen, Leigh or Gretchen?

Susan O said...

That's Leigh in the picture with Gretchen on her lap.

Anonymous said...

OK. Thanks for the clarification. Ask Jen to guest blog again in future. I enjoyed reading her article.

Lorie Tonti said...

I forgot to tell you- we went to the Aquarium for fireworks afterwards and were surrounded by Monks while watching the show. They were from the Palm River Buddhist Temple and had a nice conversation w/Kaiser about his drawing of the fish. I'll send you the pic of Kaiser w/his monks. So we had a very "Zen" weekend. We were filled w/loving kindness just by Osmosis :)