Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wedding, eating, drinking, and more....

We had a busy weekend in New York. Mark and I flew up on Friday, dropped off our stuff at Val & Tony's and hit the streets of the Slope, eating pizza, of course, shopping, relaxing in Ozzie's, a third place for many in Park Slope. Then we got dressed up, took the train into the city, and wandered Tribeca a bit in the rain until we found the right building. While a wet crowd gathered in the lobby, waiters circulated with champagne, people began to chat, and a good time began. We went up to the top floor, alas, no view in the pouring rain and heavy fog, but it was pretty none the less. After a brief and sweet ceremony, our niece Beth and her Rondell were married. Great food, drink, plenty of dancing and so much fun followed.
Saturday Jesse & Thom picked us up -- lots more rain. We headed into Chinatown for a post wedding lunch, and then spent some shopping time getting drenched on the streets of the Lower East Side. Soon we gave it up, headed back to Brooklyn to Jesse & Thom's house, to get dry and to play with their new Wii. After recovering from a hard game of tennis we were dry and ready to go out for the evening -- first stop, a new and wonderful place in the Slope --
Beer Table. Owners Justin and Tricia welcomed Jesse and Thom back and were happy to meet Mark and me. They settled us at a table where two young men were sitting and we ordered our first beers. And began talking to the guys, Shane and Ian. When we found out that they had actually crafted the beer I was drinking, Righteous Rye, and that they are the guys behind Sixpoint, a great beer (and dog) conversation followed, and before we knew it, Shane was heading out to their brewery and bringing back some beers they are working on for a fabulous private tasting. By the time Shane got back we had more people at our table, every one friendly and interesting. It made us wish we could move to the city now.
Soon Thom's friend John showed up too, and in a while our little party was ready to move on to food so we headed right across the street for Italian home cooking, more good pizza. It was a magical evening, the kind that makes you say "only in New York."
Sunday Mark and I headed back into the city with my mother, Helen, for a great organic brunch at Josie's on the upper West Side. Then we met Jesse and Thom and saw a matinee of a new musical based on an old play,
Spring Awakening.
In spite of a way too long journey home due to repeated flight delays, it was a wonderful weekend in the city.
See for yourself.

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sarah said...

sounds like fun! i want a private beer tasting!