Sunday, October 7, 2007

Friends Restore You, or A Visit to Atlanta

Hard to believe it, but yesterday was one month since Willy died. What saved us from wallowing in a very dark hole those first days was a previously planned trip to Atlanta. We'd been thinking that we'd have to skip it, because even though we had altered our petsitting plans to include Willy staying with the vet, it seemed clear he was too sick to leave. Then he died. And we decided to go. It was the best decision we could have made. There is nothing like being with very close friends who love you and respect your feelings, and also getting some distance, to make extreme pain bearable, and even to help you forget for a while.

We haven't been to Atlanta without dogs for a while, but we had planned it that way so we could get out into the city and not worry about coming back and walking dogs. So we hit the road Friday afternoon September 7th and arrived late that night north of Atlanta in Alpharetta. It was so good to be with Barbara and Steve again.

We walked a new trail, went to a fascinating
Benjamin Franklin exhibit at the Atlanta History Center, saw a musical version of The Women of Brewster Place at the Alliance Theater that didn't live up to expectations and some photography at the High Museum that exceeded expectations. Had good food and great companionship. It was hard returning home to a catless house, but our spirits were lifted up immeasurably by the visit.
Love those Schindlers.

Fun with Ben, a remarkable genius. (Or possibly a time traveler, as Barbara is convinced.)


Barbara said...

Love the post and glad we could try to help you guys through the loss of Willy... I gotta say though that I hate that picture of me "resting" on the trail:)!
We loved having you here of course! And, Ben Franklin had to be a time traveler...I'm totally convinced.

Susan said...

Got rid of the picture you hated, and the one I hated too. Then the one of Grant didn't seem to belong...But Ben stays.