Sunday, May 20, 2007

Typical lazy Sunday

This is absolutely my favorite thing about living in Florida. A gorgeous sunny clear day, perfect for eating a relaxing breakfast, reading a couple newspapers by the pool (one takes an hour, the other takes the rest of the day), migrating out to the yard after a while with the magazine section or a book, Mark coming home from the farm with enough food for our dinners this week, the last pickup of the season. Then, we are on our own veggie-wise until late fall.

Just came across an interesting local show, Flashpoint, with Brendan McLaughlin. There was an intelligent interview with people involved with the making of a Norwegian documentary on the trial of Sami al Arian and a thoughtful political commentary. I'm happy to have found this show (and hope I remember it exists by next week), and welcome the unusually progressive attitude for a public figure in Tampa. It's not totally surprising since Brendan McLaughlin sometimes can be heard hosting a music program on WMNF, my other favorite thing about living in Tampa.

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